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Traci Warren here, 
I help Mompreneurs Create Balance.
The reason I do what I do is because I was sick of being at the top of my company however tired, stressed, and unfulfilled. 

From an early age I had a loving life, however I struggled with rejection and the belief that something must be wrong with me. 

So, I work hard. Really hard. To get good grades, to be accepted into top scholar programs, to make the team. 

From the time I wore Birkenstocks years before they were "cool" again, I knew I was a leader. I acted and others followed. And yet... I struggled. 

I struggled to be the perfect wife...even as I left in the middle of the night on a bus in my pj's to leave an abusive marriage. 

I struggled crying each day on the way home from corporate America knowing full well that my entrepreneurial spirit was sitting idly by. 

I struggled to stay home with back-to-back babies and build a 6-figure income at the same time. This left me with post-partum obsessive compulsive disorder and on Zoloft for years. 

My determination, hustle and drive allowed me to get to the top where most would call "successful."  For me, it was "bleh." Where was the challenge now? Where was the fulfillment? What next? How could I be my very best, actually enjoy reaching life goals, but in a way that was completely congruent with who I am at my core? I stayed in this state for about 2 years before figuring out that a Life & Leadership Coach could help me. 

Was it indeed necessary to hustle? 
To work to the point of exhaustion? 
To do what corporate and upline told me to? 
To give up family time to work?

Nah, it wasn't. So, decided to do it my own way...and ya know what? It WORKED! I duplicated my path to high-level success instead with grace, ease, abundance, and balance. 

Along the way, I'd become a Coach/Speaker/Trainer with the John Maxwell Team, well-known as the Leadership Expert of our time. And the more I led my MLM team, the more I realized that I truly simply desired to COACH other top-notch Mompreneurs regardless of what type business they had. I wanted to provide the enlightenment, balance, and passionate focus for daily life that I'd experience through the coaching process. 

I invested tens of thousands of dollars figuring it out my own way, making mistakes, wasting time and energy, missing opportunities along the way. I've also invested tens of thousands in my own growth from Tony Robbins, the world authority on leadership psychology. 

It's the psychology that will take you from where you currently are to where you decide to be. Combine that with the mechanics of being a Top Mompreneur as I've done myself make working with me a powerful opportunity.

You see, I tried everything I knew to be at the top and still create magical moments on a daily basis with my loved ones only to feel like pulling my hair out. 

>I attended every live event offered by my company.
>Listened to books at 3x speed to consume more. ;) 
>I did everything that my upline suggested.
>I paid for every training that was mentioned at company events.
>I lost sleep implementing the new tools and tricks.
>I hired help around the house, childcare, a full-time assistant.
>I put out FB ads to make attracting clients easier. 

I tried it all....for 6 years...before I came to the realization.

It's not what I'm DOing or NOT DOing. It's who I'm BEing. 

And I needed a Coach to help me step into that powerful woman who walks with calm confidence knowing full well she CAN do anything but only choosing to act on those things that are completely aligned with who she is at her core. 

Talk about FREEEEEDOM!!

I realized I could either do one of two things: 

1. Continue on the path of frustration, unfulfillment, and imbalance accepting that I'd created this mess of "success" and that's the way it was gonna be. 

2. Scrap the BS stories I told myself, leave the 6-figure MLM biz behind, hire a coach, and recreate a business that I was totally in love with, really betting on myself for the very first time.

The choice I made was crystal clear and I've not looked back since.

In just months, I've helped Mompreneurs create lives they were scared to dream were possible. Mompreneurs:
> struggling with debt who is now becoming published author
> unhappy in their MLM who now launched her own online course
> ready to give up on their business after years of working to now earn her first paid company trip
...and many, many more.

Now that I've shared my Balanced Success System with my Clients, we now...

>Enjoy more passion with spouses as we feel more attractive and know how to better communicate
>Move through our days with a more ease and grace rather than stress and chaos
>Produce a higher income as we show up as our best selves day in and day out
>Create more magical moments with our kids because we are fully present

Basically, we eagerly look to the days ahead because we see clearly how to craft our days in a way that is completely congruent to how we're designed as women - what a huge surprise!

So let me ask you a question...
...Do you want to wake each morning excited to see what is on tap for the day?
...Do you want to read "thank you" letters each day because of the impact you're having in your life and business?
...Do you want to look at your bank account and giggle because you see that you've earned it in a way that's completely aligned with YOU?

Are you ready to get REAL results that FEEL aligned to you?

Start by diving into my tools now. And let's talk!
Free Video Training: 
Balanced Success Formula
Yes, there actually IS a formula for creating balanced mompreneur success in a MASSIVE way! This short video will show you how. You can literally begin creating balanced fulfillment immediately. No need to wait!
Cheat Sheet: Heal the Hustle
Yes, for years I heard you must "hustle" in order to be successful. 
"Never miss a day." 
"No pain no gain." 
"The struggle is real." 
"Grind with consistency."
Nah, you do NOT have to live that way to be wildly successful. Trust me...been there, done that. Instead, I challenge you to Heal the Hustle, step into balanced success of grace, abundance, and ease.
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